About us

Bizzyworks Audiovisuals

Bizzyworks is a dynamic audiovisual company. We serve a wide variety of artists and organizations around the globe with high quality music productions, sound design, related audiovisuals and professional music education.

We co-produce music specifically tailored to your needs. We highly value artists personal influence in music production. Whether you’re in the studio with us or providing ideas and sketches from a distance we believe music is very personal matter. So it’s important to us that you are creatively involved in your tracks.

When production is finished we can make sure you will get the support you need to get your music out into the world. Contacting record labels, management agencies and publishers to get your music heard by the people that matter in the business.

Besides co-production we also educate artists and producers on all levels to provide them with the skills to make it into the music industry. Offering group and private masterclasses for in depth music production education. Exciting tutorials for e-learning. Graphics and visual productions for promotion and social media. And coaching artists to find their way into the music business.

Bizzyworks was founded in 2009 by producer Casper Gommers and has since grown into a collective of highly skilled producers doing music productions, sound design and visualizations.

We are still growing, expanding our horizon and above all making sure you can provide the world with awesome sounding music!