As the final stage before letting your music out into the world we are determined to make it sound at good as possible.

All our masters are handled by mastering engineer Andor van Reeven who already served lots of satisfied artists.

There are a couple of things you need to know before ordering your master.

Types of mastering

  • Software master > Your premaster is handled with software plugins only.
  • Hardware master > Your premaster is handled with software and hardware to get maximum depth in your sound
  • Stem mastering > Software or hardware. Notice this is not mixing and mastering. We only keep the focus on the volume on these stems to fit in the mastering.
  • Mix and mastering > We can color the sound on any part of the mix before getting prepped for mastering. This type can also be used if you found difficulties mixing your track.

How to prepare your premaster?

  • Make sure you don’t have any limiters, compressors or other dynamic processors
    on your master channel.
  • Leave at least 6db headroom between your loudest peaks and the 0db ceiling of
    your master channel.
  • Make sure there is enough room at the start and end of your track for fade ins en
  • Export your premaster files in 24bit 44.1kHz.
  • Check your premaster for mistakes. Listen to all versions in total. Revisions that need to be done based on your own mistakes are charged as a new master.
  • Upload your premaster files on dropbox or wetransfer and send us the link using the form below.

Download our mastering pricelist below:

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